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Wandering around the world 

A famous Chinese proverb says, "Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books." Indeed, nothing can replace travelling, not even the best 4k travel documentaries.


At a deeper level, travel is a state of mind. It is a new way of seeing things. It opens us to new possibilities and wonders. It is a personal transformation journal.


Over the past decade, I travelled all over Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. Back then, I visited many places I do not fully understand, and my knowledge was fragmented. Therefore, I plan to revisit many of these places.


Since COVID-19, I have become interested in trees and flowers. I used to enjoy people watching, but now I also enjoy trees and flowers watching. Thus, my future travel will focus on not only people, cultures and architecture but also nature.


In this new era, I want to visit places I have never been to. I want to learn about different local and regional cultures and histories. I'm especially interested in how different local and regional cultures interact with, shape and are shaped by globalization.


The picturesque Heidelberg is one of my favourite cities. It is so tiny yet so cosmopolitan and globally connected. The size of the city does not determine a cosmopolitan and global consciousness but the minds and inspiration from a city.

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