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Whether fate, coincidence, google, social media, or word of mouth has brought you to my research blog. Welcome! Here, I write about issues in the global economy and international relations, which are my current work. But I also write about diverse topics, ranging from music to history, arts to cultures, anthropology to love, global cities to small towns, and geology to ecology.

Despite these diverse topics, the common thread that connects them is a focus on global cultural and economic exchanges and entanglements and how they drive the evolution of human societies. Another thread is the social, cultural and economic change and continuity at both local and global levels.

I will share my ideas and reflections, as well as cutting-edge research and datasets on the topics I discover. Please also share your perspectives and the resources that you know. Sharing is a key way to distribute and advance knowledge. You can follow me on social media or subscribe to my e-mailing list below.

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