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Grand Strategies 

As research in general, including research on international relations, is becoming narrower and narrower, many people focus on very niche topics. However, we should not forget about the big pictures and visions. It is the big-picture perspective that first makes me interested in international relations, not pigeonholing narrow topics.

This project revisits many historical grand strategies in order to put contemporary grand strategies into perspective. In particular, it examines the Belt and Road Initiative, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, and the European Green Deal. Each initiative is potentially a game-changer in the world and generates huge impacts on people. 

Are these initiatives grand strategies? Are they competing or complementing each other? In a nutshell, these initiatives are in the eyes of the holders.

Check out my view on two very interesting books that take two contrasting theoretical approaches to the Belt and Road Initiative.


Since the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and the European Green Deal are very recent, stay tuned for my future publications on them. 

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