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Canada and the World

Whenever I travel to the US or the UK, I immediately feel the differences between the US and Canada and between the UK and Canada. Although I have chatted about these topics over dinner tables or coffee with people, I did not write about them. However, I feel the urge to write about them in recent years. This project goes beyond my intuitive understanding and probes deeper into the intellectual foundations and evolution of the Canadian political economy.


Generally, many people outside of Canada rarely notice Canadian ideas and things as well as new on-going social and cultural changes in Canada, which are worth attention. I will especially examine areas of international relations and Canadian political economy with a strong cultural focus. This project is divided into three parts.


The first part covers the intellectual history of Canadian ideas on international relations and political economy. For example, I examine the unique staple thesis put forward by Harold Innis.


The second part examines Canadian IR/IPE theoretical approaches and practices in different places in Canada. It also evaluates the current state of Canadian IR/IPE knowledge production in relation to the global knowledge value chain.


The third part focuses on indigenous peoples’ ideas on “IR”. I pay close attention to the worldviews of indigenous peoples and how their worldviews shape their outlook on “IR”.


I hope I can show the diverse ideas and perspectives in Canada. I hope that through my work the world will get to know more about current Canada.

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